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Order Helper

1, order progress
Please select the product code number, which you require and tell us. We will send you the prices of items required. When you decide your purchases and quantity, we shall send you Proforma Invoice for payment. We start work on your order when you confirm our Proforma Invoice and send us payment.

2, how to Payment:

We accept T/T (Bank “wire " transfer ) or Western Union.  Can payment by L/C if your quantity of order is much  

3, How to  Shipping:

Goods can be shipped by express courier, airway, ocean way .

1) By express courier, delivered 3-7 days door to door, via DHL or the courier of your choice. and also you can check the package status online with its tracking No.

2)By airway, it is an air port to air port service, takes about 6-10 days depends on the distance .and also you shall pick up the goods from the appointed airport by yourself and do custom clearance, pay some duty etc.,.

3)By ocean way, it is an sea port to sea port service, it takes about 1 months to arrive at your local sea port depends on the distance. And you need to pick up goods from your local sea port and need to do custom clearance and pay some duty etc.

Freight charges are calculated based on the packages weight and size of carton.

4, Delivery Time :

Delivery time of the goods for most items ranges is 10 to 15 days depending upon the quantity.

5. how to package:

Part One: Inner Packaging
A: Loose string beads packing: use plastic bags.
B: Finished products ordinary packaging,Packed each pc with a small plastic bag and 50/100 in a larger plastic bag.
C: Finished products use luxurious packaging.
Part Two: Outter packaging In cartons
Part Three: We may pack our products against customers' packaging.

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